SULLIGENT In the Beginning

Lamar News, Vernon, Alabama April 22 1886. Railroad prospectors are traveling up the Buttahatchie valley securing the right way for a Railroad.

The Vernon Courier, Vernon, Alabama August 26, 1887. Elliott is the name of the depot to be established on the Kansas City R. R., at Col. G. E. Brown’s farm. His place is a magnificent site for a town, and we predict for it a bright future.

The Vernon Courier, Vernon, Alabama September 23, 1887. Dr. R. J. Redden, of Cansler, will build a magnificent residence at Elliott on the Kansas City Rail Road

The Vernon Courier, Vernon, Alabama September 30, 1887. Mr. Murray Cobb went up to Elliott on the K. C. R. R. Wednesday, while there the first through train passed, the high officers of the road were aboard. Murray told us that Col. G. E. Brown had orders from headquarters to lay off the town at once, which he commenced yesterday, we presume, from the fact that lots not being laid off has greatly retarded the towns growth. The name has been changed to Sulligent. September 30, 1887.

The Vernon Courier, Vernon, Alabama October 21, 1887. Monday morning early despite the rain, Mr. M. A. Cobb, and ye local started for Sulligent on the K. C. M. & B. at 10 a.m. we drove up at the popular old Southern home of G. E. Bankhead, which is situated half a mile from Sulligent and which overlooks the beautiful site of this rapidly growing town. At the usual hour for dining we were invited into the dining room where Mrs. Bankhead had set a most excellent dinner, as she always does.  After dinner we walked down to Sulligent where we saw lumber for a number of business houses piled up. The frame of one building up. The carpenters on the ground to commence the erection of a store house for M. A. COBB, a young man of sterling worth and business capacity equal to any one, and who has been connected for the past six years with one of the largest mercantile houses in Columbus. Next is the firm of Ogden & Son, who are substantial business gentleman. The next firm is that of our fellow townsman, Mess. Rush & Co., whom we regret to vie up, but as they are men of push, energy and great business zeal, they desire to go to a new place and grow up with the town, which is destined to be a progressive town. As all towns must have a hotel, R. F. Bankhead has purchased the handsomest site in the town to erect one upon and will rapidly push its completion. Various other business and resident buildings will be erected at once.

Now it is well enough to speak of the stability of the gentleman mentioned in this: They are men that go to stay, and men who will press forward. With such men there is no reason why Sulligent will not bloom and blossom into a live business town. At 4:30 p.m. the train from Memphis came along and stopped long enough for passengers to get on and off. The train from Birmingham to Memphis passes at 11 a.m. the same day. A great deal of cotton will be hauled to Sulligent. The merchants there propose to buy cotton and will give all it is worth.

The Vernon Courier Vernon, Alabama March 2, 1888.

ITEMS FROM SULLIGENT  Sulligent – Feb .21 – With the exception of a few cases of mumps, the health of the people in this community is good.

Trade at Sulligent continues to hold her banner high, and of course, the merchants are quite jolly, being frequently made to feel that exhilarating glow which enlivens the business man in days of plenty. Our merchants are receiving their spring stock of goods, which continue to come by the car load.

The next section houses at this place add considerably to the appearance of our already picturesque little town. By the way, we think we’ll get a depot ere long.

Dr. R. J. REDDEN’S elegant new dwelling is receiving the finishing touch from the painter’s brush this week. The Dr. ere long will be a citizen of Sulligent – come on doctor, we will receive you with a hearty welcome.

Mr. Bert Taylor is building for himself a neat little dwelling, he too will claim a citizenship at Sulligent, by and by.

Mr. Bankhead’s hotel will soon have been completed, and the traveling man can soon find a home at Sulligent – a  home commodious and pleasant.

Our new school building is just finished, and is now ready to receive the school.  The school is in a prosperous condition, and we are now ready to offer attention and comfort to as many pupils as will come. We continue to receive boarding pupils. We will soon be prepared to offer instructional and lessons in instrumental music, which will add greatly to the interests of the school.

The present indications say forcibly, Sulligent may well look forward to a bright future. Upheld by the strong arm of industry, energy and enterprise, supported by an extensive trade, clothed in the robe of good health and crowned with the spirit of good will to everybody. Sulligent is well prepared to be cradled in the lap of prosperity.

The Lightning Sulligent, Alabama
 November 9, 1899.  “Sulligent. Her Resources and Advantages as a Location for Settlers.

Sulligent, “The Queen city of Lamar County” is situated in the northeastern part of Moscow beat, upon the K. C. M. & B. R. R. It is about seven miles east of the Mississippi line and one mile south of where the Vernon and Detroit road crosses the Buttahatchie river.

Sulligent Academy

Sulligent Academy

The town is beautifully laid out, mostly upon the south side of the railroad. Front street, which lays parallel with the tracks, contains most of the business houses, some of which are costly brick buildings. Main street meet the railroad at right angles and extends south one half mile,and each side of it is shaded by beautiful young trees –water oak, elm and maple-behind which are a majority of the dwellings of the town. However other streets have some of the nicest cottages in the country.

The Buttahatchie and its tributaries not only furnish an excellent system of drainage and valuable water power, but they abound with good fish which are caught in nice quantities by means of nets, traps, etc. The swamplands furnish large amounts of valuable timbers; while the range for horses, cattle and hogs is unsurpassed by any part of north western Alabama. Wild turkeys and other game are plentiful, which with the many great coveys of birds found in adjoining fields, make it almost the “sportman’s heaven”.

As Sulligent is the shipping point for most all the goods sold at Vernon and Detroit, its territory may be considered extensive, as well as healthy and productive.

 Industries.  A large portion of the people of the communty are engaged in farming, and stock raising. Farm lands are being improved and are increasing in value; some of them even with indolent cultivation yield large harvest of corn, cotton, wheat, oats, fruits and vegetables.

A radius of one and half miles with Sulligent as the center, will encircle five cotton gins, four gristmills, three sawmills, and one wheat mill.

Ours merchants ship more cotton and sell more goods, than any point between Jasper and Amory.

The Academy. Sulligent has one of the nicest school buildings in the western part of the state, and considerable attention is given to education. Board can be had at a low rate; society is good, and pupils moral environments are above average.

Churches.  At the Methodist  Church, where Rev. Charles Wolford is the genial and able pastor, three and four sermons a month can be heard, and there is a weekly prayer meeting, while the Sunday school has over a hundred names on its roll. The Baptist church has two sermons each month.

Historical. On the 15th day of October, 1886, the first passenger train ever along this part of the Kansas City road pulled up and stopped where the depot now stands. At that time the place had but two hastily constructed stores and two or three unfinished dwellings. Since then its growth has been natural and regular, till at present, it has ten business houses and two drug stores.

Large brick buildings are taking the place of the smaller frame ones.
At present two new dwellings are going up and contracts for others are under consideration”.

“One of the main attractive and important features of the town is its artesian wells which is located on Front street, near the depot an pours forth 72 1/2  gallons of water per minute. The uniform temperature of the water is 58 degrees Fah.  and not only is it clear as crystal, but it has been pronounced one of the best mineral waters in the south: hence, the town is fast becoming a health resort.

Ere long this stream of water with other springs will be turned into an artificial lake which without much cost can be constructed just north of town. Just think what a magnificent sight the crystal face of such a lake would present. The Lake where Stars can view the loveliness of their own faces! The Angels shall use it for a mirror.

Then with the aid of the following facts: goods are cheap, good prices paid for farm and garden produce, good moral, social and education surroundings, with a welcome and hospitality peculiar to itself, we say for Sulligent in the language of Gold smith:

The brightest glory of our past,

Is but a beam of promise cast,

Like iris on the clouds to show,

How bright our future days shall show.

Destroyed by Fire.  The two-story building of Dr. R. J. Redden occupied by Mr. A. S. Gray was burned down Friday afternoon about 4 o’clock. The family was absent at the time of the outbreak of fire, consequently it was not known how it originated. The house was partially covered by insurance, but there was no insurance on  Mr. Gray’s household goods. From our best information the total loss above insurance is $400. For some time during the fire, it looked as if several other residences would be destroyed. The residence of Dr. Hollis and Methodist parsonage caught on fire from flying sparks but were soon extinguished.

Copy of Sulligent 1890 copy

Sulligent, Alabama 1890

Postmaster G. E. Bankhead by instruction from P. O. Dept weighted the mail orginating in Sulligent P. O. beginning October 3rd and closing November 6th . The weight of mail all closed equipment for same for time 845 to 11 oz. Mail sent by railroad all classes including equipment was 684 to 3oz.

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