Research for Hire

My hourly fee is $25.00. I recommend that you set a research fee/hour limit. When I reach that hour/fee limit, I will contact you with the information I have, and you may or may not have me continue.

I ask that a deposit of half of the hour/fee limit be paid at the beginning of the research. (Example: 10 hour limit @ 25.00 = $250.00. Deposit will be $125.00.) Balance will be due at the end, when I present you with your report.

If I should not use all your deposit of the hour/fee limit, the balance will be refunded to you.

For more information or a free consultation: call 205.698.9427 leave a message; email me  or message on facebook.

I do accept payment by Paypal or you may mail check or money order to:

Barb Carruth

241 Jaggers Road

Sulligent, AL 35586