Darr sawmill (2)



Millport, Ala. Oct 28 – There were 28 bales of cotton sold here today at 9.40 which is Columbus prices.  The people are alive to their interest.  Lots are worth from $50 – $75 and no houses for rent. It is and established fact that there will be a cotton factory built here in the near future –  2/3 of the stock already taken, and the other is one the market and will betaken soon.  Come take stock and enter in the new enterprise.  You can get any kind of lot you wish, but will have to build.

Here you will be convenient to a College that you can educate your children.  You can buy anything here as cheap as in any other market.  The county is strictly prohibition. The people of Millport are religious, hospitably and kindly disposed.  J. C. TRAPP, our livery man is one of our wide-awake and enterprising citizens, is ever ready to extend such welcome to the public as to make them feel at home.  Next in order comes GABE SHIRELY, one of the oldest citizens of our town, is always ready to extend his hospitality to those who might visit the place and render them happy during their stay.  Then comes our venerable old friend, Capt. WINSTON, and happy for him, Mrs. WINSTON is a high pier of intellect and Sister of Charity and President of the Ladies Christian Aid Society; also Mrs. HODO is Vice-President and Mrs. BOGLE Secretary, together with many other ladies more numerous than I have space to mention, that are in the shibboleth in building up the town, in morals and religion, which are the bulwarks of all undertakings that succeed.

The church yesterday morning at 9 o’clock was the scene of a most brilliant marriage and event which has been looked forward to for several weeks by the elite of the town.  The contracting parties were Mr. H. P. RICHARDSON and Miss GERTRUDE PROPST.  The cemetery was performed by Rev. MCREYNOLDS, making in a few words two hearts beat as one.  The brides toilet was Moonlight on the Lake Albatross, with delicate pink trimmings hat and veil to correspond, all of which gave to the bride an air of delicate and lovely modesty; immediately after the ceremony Mr. RICHARDSON and lady were driven to his home, Palmetto, some ten miles distant.

Sunday was a day of interest, but to all being called together by the ringing of the bell for Sunday School in which interest by both pupils and teachers, and a wide-awake Supt. in the person of Prof. T. C. WILKINSON, who at the close of the school exercise announced preaching by Bro. TRAYWICK, with a quick stop, he entered the pulpit, I taking his physique, thought him quite a boy preacher, and expected to hear from him a sermon becoming his years, when to my great delight and surprise, he delivered a discourse that one much his sr. would have been proud to master, I really regard him as a envied tower of intellect and power in the vineyard of his Master.

THE FARMER’S COLLEGE is booming up every week, new pupils, and still they come, under the supervision of the Principal, Miss AZALEE PETERSON, whose scholarly ability and discipline merit every trust awarded assisted by Prof. WILKINSON, MCREYNOLDS and HODO give promise of satisfaction to all patronizing the school, should this meet the eye of parents contemplating a move to educate their children, Millport is the place, the above is predicated in facts, and if you will come I will show you that it is to your interest and make your visit pleasant.  If you are hunting a good moral and religious people to live among Millport is the place.


Source: and submitted by Veneta McKinney; Microfilm Ref Call #371 Microfilm Order #M1992.4966 from The Alabama Department of Archives and History THE VERNON COURIER VERNON, LAMAR COUNTY, ALABAMA THURSDAY OCTOBER 31, 1889 Vol. IV, No. 22

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