Sulligent Methodist Church- Old Frame Building Too Small & Obsolete-To Build Modern Building

Sulligent Methodist Church (2)

Picture courtesy of Kim Evans.

Taken from a 1952 Directory of the Sulligent Methodist Church.  “Historical Sketch of Sulligent Methodist  Church”. In 1915, under the Pastorate of Rev. Bill Guthrie, the Church decided that the old frame building had become too small and obsolete, so, set itself to the task of erecting a modern building.

Mr. W. W. Ogden made this possible. He very generously offered to pay one-half the cost of any price building  the Church wanted. It was decided to build a $10,000 brick building. The money was soon raised. Construction got underway soon, with Mr. Ogden chairman of the building committee.

The new building was dedicated in 1916 by Bishop Denny. about this time, W. T. Springfield was made Church School Superintendent, which position he filled for more than 25 years.

Our Church has been served by many of the outstanding pastors of the North Alabama Conference, a list of which follows: J. T. Miller; E. F. S. Roberts; S. B. Smith; I. B. Sargent; D. W. Ward; M. R. Smith; C. L. Herring; D. L. Parrish; J. E. Morris; W. E. Draper; H. L. Aldridge; W. E. Guthrie; L. M. Harris; A. L. Mattison; C. L. Sumner; J. T. Nolen; J. D. Kaylor; Marvin Swilling; J. W. Curl; J. M> McClusky; R. R. Scott; W. M. McDonald; Paul Cook; W. B. Hope; O. G. Waid; W. W. Lovett; F. P. Richey; and T. B. Jordan.

Our new Church, built in 1915, was more than ample for several years to take care of the Church’s needs. Again, we are feeling cramped, so there is a movement on now to build an Educational Building, which will solve our dilemma.

In 1950, a church organ was installed by the Character Builders, and just recently, the Gordan Hall family donated a set of chimes in memory of Mr. Hall’s mother.

The Official Board at present is as follows: Fred Ogden, Chairman Board; Hunter Stokes, Secretary and Treasurer; J. C. Davidson, Lay Leader; J. L. Davis, R. J. Gibbs, Floy Hamn, W. M. Jumper, E. C. Lawhon, A. Lawhon, Otto Priddy, W. G. Priddy, J. M. Ray, I. L. Stokes, E. C. Lawhon, Jr., J. D. Rowland, Raymond Turner, Truitt Weaver, Will Ogden. Raymond Turner, Church School Supt.; Mrs. Lois Hollis, Pres. WSCS; Mrs. Raymond Turner, Pres. Wesleyan Service Guild; Gail Evans, Pres. MYF.


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