Thompson Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama
No. 63 on the 2002 Cemetery Map of Lamar County

Located west of Hwy. 17 about ½ mile south of Country Club Road, and 4.5 miles south of the intersection of 17 & US 278 in Sulligent. Another Thompson Cemetery is situated on County Club Road, due north of this.

This listing is based on a survey done by Bryan T. Winter on February 28, 1982, and is posted here with his kind permission. Names and dates as in the original survey are displayed here in boldface type. Annotations (in parentheses) have been added by Paul Hays.

Thompson, N. A. Morton: Sep. 6, 1880 – Jan. 8, 1907 (Nancy Amarilla Thompson Morton, dau. of Nancy Louise Pennington & John Thomas Thompson, wife of James Newton Morton, son of Zillah Agnes Todd & Mardis Thomas Morton)
Thomspon, Dewitt J., son of J. T. & N. L.: April 10, 1878 – Jan. 3, 1886 (son of Nancy Louise Pennington & John Thomas Thompson)
Thompson, Nancy L., wife of J. T.: Aug. 13, 1847 – May 27, 1914 (Nancy Louise Pennington, dau. of Susan Jane Lusk & Henry Pennington; wife of John Thomas Thompson)
Thompson, J. T.: June 6, 1849 – Feb. 22, 1922 (John Thomas Thompson, son of Sarah Gilmore [buried at Gilmore-Pearson Cemetery] & Marvel Thompson [buried at Emmaus Cemetery]; husband of Nancy Louise Pennington)
Jackson, Florencea, wife of M. L.: Aug. 12, 1878 – Aug. 8, 1905 (Allie Florence Thompson, dau. of Nancy Louise Pennington & John Thomas Thompson; 1st wife of Madison Lee Jackson [buried at Wofford Cemetery])

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