Sizemore NW of Mansfield

Sizemore Cemetery Lamar County, AL

Number 72 on Lamar County Cemetery map.

Submitted by Terry Gosa 7-24-2005.

Indexed by Voncile Lucas & Clay Reese .

North East Lamar County just off Seed Tick Rd



1-Infant child of Thomas Sizemore

2-Ellen Eugenia (Middleton) Sizemore 10/8/1850-12/22/1903  Wife of Thomas Sizemore

3-Thomas Sizemore  3/12/1839-1/15/1918 Son of Daniel & Anna Sizemore

4-Minnie Anna (Sizemore) Hollis 2/3/1873-2/23/1896 Dau. of Thomas Sizemore, Wife of R.G. Hollis

5-Daniel Henry Sizemore  9/15/1835-1/20/1912 Son of Daniel & Anna Sizemore

6-Margaret Luncinda (Woods) Sizemore  2/19/1838-8/15/1887 Wife of Daniel Henry Sizemore

7&8 Twin Infants of Ella (Sizemore) Ward

9- Ella (Sizemore) Ward  Dau.of Joel H. Sizemore and Sintha (Webster) Sizemore

10-Catherine  Sizemore  1842-1872

11-Joel Hudson Sizemore,  4/16/1829-11/11/1908  Son of Daniel and Anna Sizemore,

12-Sintha Catherine (Webster) Sizemore 6/2/1834-2/4/1875 Wife of Joel H. Sizemore

13-A.J. Sizemore, 4/20/1859-6/25/1965 Son of Joel and Sintha Sizemore

14-Annie E. Sizemore,  1/1/1857-9/?/1893 Dau. of Jim and Mary (Black) Sizemore

15-Mary F. Sizemore, 6/28/1859-7/9/1861 Dau. of Jim and Mary (Black) Sizemore

16-James M. (Jim) Sizemore, 7/30/1827-1/31/1898  Son of Daniel and Anna Sizemore

17-Mary E. Sizemore  5/13/1833-7/20/1914 Wife of James M. (Jim)Sizemore

18-America A. (Sizemore) Black 3/1/1865-1/31/1900 Dau of Jim and Mary E. Sizemore 1st wife of  J.M.(Jimroe) Black

19-Daniel Sizemore, born 1800-died 6/9/1850

20-Anna (Hankins) Sizemore, born 1802- died 1882

21-John W. Sizemore, born 12/18/1825- 1/15/1901.  Co. H 5th  Ala. Cal. CSA

22-23-24-25-26 Unknown Sizemore’s

27- James Black- born 8/21/1813- 9/7/1891

28- Nancy Black-wife of James Black (no dates)


31- Tom Wallace- born 3/10/1881-5/8/1910 Husband of Margaret (Colored)

32- Jackson Wallace- born 2/18/1887- 8/27/1910 Son of George and Elizabeth (Colored) Killedby brother-in-law, Frank Hollis

33- Houston Wallace- born 3/25/1886- 3/5/1920 (Colored)

34- Jackson Sizemore, born 7/18/1824-7/13/1843 son of Daniel and Anna Sizemore

35- Mary Sizemore, born 1833-1840 daughter of Daniel and Anna Sizemore

36-37-38-39-40-41- unknown Sizemore’s

42- Eliza Black, born 1843-1866 daughter of John and Elizabeth Black

43- John Black- 1820-1868

44- Elizabeth Black-1795-1860

45- John Black-1787-1854

46- Unknown

47- Joseph Black- 4/2/1825-11/3/1896

48- Mary E. (Doster) Black-12/23/1828- 2/3/1876 wife of Joseph and parents of Louisa Webster, Margaret Sizemore , Smith, Doctor Burt, Alsmouth, Etta Younghance, Martha Jane Collins, Nancy South and Becky Hankins

49- Infant son of Joseph and Mary E. Black

50 – Infant Daughter of Alemouth and Martha Black

51- Julie Black-7/14/1879-4/15/1890 daughter of J.G. and S.E. Black

52- Sam Black- 2/26/1889-6/15/1890 son of J.G. and S.E. Black


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