Pine Springs

The following is a listing of the Pine Springs Cemetery located T13S, R15W, Sec7, north of Sulligent, Alabama in Lamar County done by Dorothy Norton Northington.

Information contains data taken from the cemetery in addition to personal notes added by the Mrs. Northington before her death. The listing begins on the northeast section with her family and proceeds west. An effort was made to link families. Linking was done to aid persons researching family history. Any omissions or errors in data was not intentional. There are a number of unmarked graves and markers that are not legible. Mrs. Northington stated “There are not adequate words to express the connection with your past when doing a project such as this. As I moved from grave to grave, I remembered so many things that my parents, Jett and Etta Norton, had told me, when I was younger. The experience was overwhelming to say the least.

Norton, Charles Berry; born 11/4/1844 in Monroe County GA, died 2/28/1915, PVT. CO K 42 ALA 1862-1865, PVT. CO E8 ALA CAV 1865. Husband of Beady A. Taylor Norton.

Norton, Beady A. Taylor, born 7/10/1842, died 8/15/1916, wife of Charles Berry Norton.

Norton, Claude C., born 8/3/1877, died 12/20/1962, husband of

Ella Plunkett Norton.

Norton, Ella Plunkett, born 2/4/1887, died 6/24/1963, wife of Claude C. Norton.

Irvin, Avis Norton, born 4/18/1908, died 8/24/1988, daughter of C.C. & Ella Norton.

Guyton, Dennis Christopher, born 12/8/1971, died 5/10/1991, son of Mrs. Wayne Irvin.

Norton, Charles Burlin, born 2/15/1910, son of C.C. & Ella Norton, husband of Willlie Mae Thomas Norton.

Norton, Willie Mae Thomas, born 8/1/1910, died 12/30/1988, wife of Charles Burlin Norton.

Anderson, Grace O. Norton, born 4/13/1912, daughter of CC & Ella Norton, wife of Fred M. Anderson.

Anderson, Fred M., born 12/18/1910, died 1/20/1968, husband of Grace Norton Anderson.

Norton, Elmer R., born 1880, died 1942; son of C. B. & B. A. Norton and husband of Mollie J. Markham Norton.

Norton Mollie J. Markham, born 1885, died 1953, wife of Elmer R. Norton.

Norton, Robbie, born 7/14/1905, died 10/22/1906, daughter of E. R. & Mollie M. Norton.

Anderson, Kathyrn Norton, born 3/5/1914, died 4/4/1992, daughter of E. R. & Mollie M. Norton.

Norton, Clytee, born 1916, died 1940, daughter of E. R. & Mollie M. Norton.

Norton, Guy P., born 1919, died 1978, son of E. R. & Mollie M. Norton.

Norton, Thomas Jesse Taylor, born 3/5/1885, died 12/16/1958, son of C.B. & B. A. Norton and husband of Mary Etta Turman Norton.

Norton, Mary Etta Turman, born 9/16/1895, died 6/20/1974, wife of Thomas Jesse Taylor Norton.

Norton, James Roland, born 7/22/1928, died 11/29/1995, son of T.J. & M. E. Norton and husband of Dorothy Sue Cobb Norton.

Norton, Dorothy Sue Cobb, born 4/6/1931, wife of James Roland Norton.

Turman, Donie Norton, born 1875, died 1934, daughter of C.B. & B. A. Norton and wife of W. Curtis Turman.

Turman, W. Curtis., born 1868, died 1937, husband of Donie Norton Turman.

Turman, Murray, born 2/13/1912, died 4/17/1983, son of W. C. & D. N. Turman and husband of Myrtice Stanford Turman.

Turman, Myrtice Stanford, born 2/3/1911, wife of Murray Turman.

Turman, Harold Gray, born 11/1/1932, died 8/8/1982, grandson of W.C. & D. A. Turman.

Norton, Infant son of A. A. & Mollie J. Hankins Norton, granddaughter of C.B. & B. A. Norton.

Bridges, James M. (Bob), born 5/30/1905, died 7/10/1982, husband of Hester L. Noe.

Bridges, Hester L., born 5/19/1903, died 3/24/1994, wife of James M. (Bob) Bridges and daughter of Claborn & Mattie Comer Noe.

Noe, Earlie C., born 3/12/1915, died 5/11/1992.

Noe, Tommie Sue ?

Noe, Tammy Sue, born 5/9/1962, died 5/10/1962.

Noe, I. C. ?

Noe, Talith E. born 11/22/1848, died 3/31/1907.

Noe, J. Wilson, born 10/18/1851, died 7/2/1929.

Noe, Robert E. Lee, born 10/3/1900, died 12/17/1904.

Noe Samuel D., born 11/7/1881, died 11/5/1898.

Blaylock, Nancy J., born 2/14/1876, died 11/29/1898.

Jenkins, Tessie, born 2/8/1897, died 11/8/1897.

Noe, Delie J., born 2/1/1880. died 9/12/1916.

Jenkins, J. H., born 1853, died 1931, husband of Mary Frances.

Jenkins, Mary Frances, born 1874, died 1936, wife of J. H. Jenkins.

Jenkins, Leo Curtis, born 1/17/1907, died 3/11/1936, husband of Lyda Blake Jenkins..

Jenkins, Lyda Blake, born 1/26/1906, wife of Leo Curtis Jenkins.

Jenkins, Perry Joe, born 2/27/1934, died 3/11/1936.

Jenkins, L. C. JR., born 5/5/1932, died 11/2/1938.

Noe, W. L., born 1872, died 1916, husband of Nettie Noe.

Noe, Nettie, born 1869, died 1933, wife of W. L. Noe.

Hadaway, Infant, born 8/16/1914, died 8/16/1914, daughter of L.I. Hadaway.

Hadaway, Cliffard M., born 4-14-1916, died 10/22/1916. son of Mr. & Mrs. L.I. Hadaway.

Harris, Iler May, born 2/10/1905, died 12/3/1910, daughter of T.E. & R. B. Harris.

Cooper, Icie Noe, born 6/6/1892, died 12/29/1922.

Turman, George, J., born 3/3/1871, died 10/8/1912, belonged to Woodman of the World and was husband of Martha Anne Carden Turman.

Turman, Martha Anne Carden, born 1871, died 1952, wife of George J. Turman.

Turman, Fleda, born 1/5/1900, died 6/5/1935, daughter of G.J. & M. A. Turman.

Turman, Flora, born 9/16/1893, died 9/24/1895, daughter of G.J. & M.A. Turman.

Lewis, Baby, born 1/20/1928, died 11/17/1928 son of J.C. & M.E. Lewis.

Lewis, Clyde Ross, born 9/17/1910, died 1/16/1989.

Kennedy, E. P., born 2/2/1860, died 4/12/1941, husband of Lula Noe Kennedy.

Kennedy, Lula Noe, born 1880, died 1963, wife of E.P. Kennedy.

Noe, S. W.,  born June 26, 1882, died Feb. 8, 1923

Kennedy, Leon, born 8/2/1925, son of E.P. & Lula Kennedy and husband of Alice Gilmore Kennedy.

Kennedy, Alice Mae Gilmore, born 9/10/1930, wife of Leon Kennedy.

Minor, Noah R., born 5/13/1907, died 3/4/1966, husband of Louise Dove Minor.

Minor, Louise Dove, born 5/6/1918, died 5/2/1990, wife of Noah R. Minor.

Harris, Mary E., born 9/15/1851, died 4/20/1903, wife of O.H. Harris.

Noe Claborne born 11/7/1879, died 10/22/1951, husband of Mattie Comer Noe.

Noe Mattie Comer, born 9/7/1880, died 9/10/1962, wife of Claborne Noe.

Noe, Hudon B., born 3/22/1911, died 7/23/1912.

Noe, Ruth, born 1/23/1907, died 7/28/1967, daughter of Claborne & Mattie Comer Noe.

Noe, Kenneth, born 4/5/1933, died 2/3/1934.

Franklin, James M. (Jim), born 7/11/1878, died 9/25/1934, husband of Eula V. Lewis Franklin.

Franklin, Eula V. Lewis, born 12/13/1891, died 7/25/1967, daughter of William B. & Effie Lewis.

Franklin, Infant , born 7/27/1924, died 7/30/1924, son of James M. & Eula Franklin.

Franklin, Lonnie K. 3/1/1907, died 2/4/1992, son of J.W. & E. Lewis Franklin and husband of Flora Mays Franklin.

Franklin, Flora Mays, born 10/22/1910, wife of Lonnie K. Franklin.

Franklin, Momen, born 11/24/1912, died 12/9/1997, husband of Rubye Mays Franklin.

Franklin, Rubye Mays, born 7/8/1912, died 9/23/1998, wife of Momen Franklin.

Wenstrom, Ralph Fred, born 12/23/1929, died 9/16/1979, husband of Norma Jean Franklin Wenstrom.

Wenstrom, Norma Jean, born 5/15/1936, daughter of Momen and Rubye Franklin, wife of Ralph Fred Wenstrom.

Pennington, Andrew Jackson (Jack), born 12/25/1894, died 7/2/1962, PVT. CO D 167 INF., husband of Waughnie Pennington.

Pennington, Waughnie, born 8/11/1899, died 6/19/1981, wife of Andrew Jackson Pennington.

Pennington, Elene, born 3/20/1928, died 1/20/1929, daughter of Jack and Waughnie Pennington.

Massey, Lula B., born 7/31/1874, died 2/11/1967, mother of Waughnie Pennington.

Saxman, James Authur, born 9/26/1935, husband of Jacqueline Pennington Saxman, daughter of A.J. & W. Pennington.

Noe, Hubert C., born 2/16/1905, died 7/17/1973, husband of Irma Protho and son of Claborne & Mattie Comer Noe.

Noe, Irma C. Protho, born 2/16/1905, died 9/26/1988, wife of Hubert C. Noe.

Noe, Rita G., born & died 12/27/1953, daughter of H.C. & Irma Noe.

Cleveland, Wilson L., born 4/17/1917, died 8/26/1993, husband of Dorothy Noe Cleveland.

Cleveland, Dorothy Noe, born 11/6/1921, wife of Wilson L. Cleveland and daughter of Claborne & Mattie Comer Noe.

Cleveland, Jackie C., born 4/29/1952, died 12/5/1969, son of Mr. & Mrs. Wilson L. Cleveland.

Noe, Sarah Ellen, born 1869, died 1952, mother of Ollie Noe Noe.

Burks, Raymond, born 1913, died ?, husband of Ernestine Noe Burks.

Burks, Ernestine Noe, born 1917, died 1945, wife of Raymond Burks and daughter of Jess & Ollie Noe.

Lewis, William B., born 1852, died 1935, husband of Effie Jean Lewis.

Lewis, Effie Jean, born 1859, died 1938, Wife of William B. Lewis.

Lewis, Walter Kirb, born 1/12/1883, died 5/20/1915, son of W.B. & M.J. Lewis.

Lewis, Infant, born 3/18/1915, died 3/19/1915, daughter of J. D. & Ollie Lewis.

Crump, J. Howard, born 9/9/1869, died 6/29/1951, husband of Lula G. Lewis Crump.

Crump, Lula G. Lewis, born 7/29/1876, died 6/4/1945, wife of Howard Crump and daughter of W.B. & E.G. Lewis.

Crump, Annie Mildred, born 2/7/1915, died 10/10/1964, daughter of J.H. & Lula G. Crump.

Finch Murray E., born 9/21/1905, died 10/15/1976, husband of Ittie Lee Crump Finch.

Finch, Ittie Lee, born 12/5/1905, died 8/19/1997, wife of Murray Finch and daughter of J.H. & Lula G. Crump.

Finch, Infant sons, 9/30/1930 & 8/24/1937, of Murray and Ittie L. Finch.

Lewis, J. Clovis, born 4/17/1886, died 1/24/1964, son of William B. & Effie J. Lewis and husband of M. Elizabeth Lewis.

Lewis, M. Elizabeth, born 7/18/1887, died 5/21/1945, wife of J. Clovis Lewis.

Noe, Frank, born 2/18/1874, died 1/21/1957, husband of Lizzie and son of T.R.& M.J. Noe.

Noe, Lizzie, born 11/10/1884, died 11/7/1961, wife of Frank Noe.

Noe, Truell, born 9/2/1924, died 8/15/1956, son of Frank and Lizzie Noe.

Noe, E. Garrison, born 2/5/1878, died 8/26/1956, husband of Attie Farr Noe and son of T.R. & M. J. Noe.

Noe, Attie Farr, born 11/3/1887, died 7/8/1970, wife of E. Garrison Noe.

Noe, Willie Herman, born 2/6/1915, died 6/17/1917, son of E.G. & A.F. Noe.

Noe, Robert Morris, born 2/11/1910, died 5/26/1912, son of E.G. & A.F. Noe.

Noe, J. T., born 12/9/1918, died 9/4/1992. son of E.G. & A.F Noe, Sgt U.S. Army World War II.

Riggan, Erie, born 3/23/1906, died 3/6/1961, husband of Eula Mae Noe Riggan. Miss MAM 2 USNR World War II.

Riggan, Eula Mae Noe, born1911, died 1961, wife of Erie Riggan and daughter of E.G. & Atttie Noe.

Noe, Jess, born 12/12/1884, died 12/25/1965, husband of Ollie Noe Noe and son of T.R. & M.J. Noe.

Noe, Ollie Noe, born 12/17.1892, died 9/14/1958, wife of Jess Noe.

Noe, Glaly, born 12/7/1913, died 12/11/1963 son of Jess & Ollie Noe.

Clifton, Troy, born 8/25/1911, died 2/17/1981, husband of Fannie Clifton.

Clifton, Fannie, born 8/19/1916, died 5/22/1980, wife of Troy Clifton.

Clifton, Johnny Leon, born 8/6/1942, died 9/18/1985, husband of Billie Joyce Robinson Clifton.

Clifton, Billie Joyce Robinson, born 12/29/1944, wife of Johnny Clifton.

Clifton, Christopher Wayne, born 11/30/1974, died 12/1/1974. son of Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Clifton.

Ray, Willie Edvan, born 8/10/1925, died 4/22/1992, husband of Grace Seales Ray.

Ray, Grace Seales ( Sizemore ), born 4/24/1930, died 12/21/1997. wife of Willie E. Ray & Glenn Sizemore.

Noe, Thomas R., born 10/4/1847, died 1/6/1933, husband of Mary Jane Noe.

Noe, Mary Jane, born 4/17/1849, wife of Thomas R.

Noe, Den, born 4/26/1870, died 4/1/1951, husband of Della Turman Noe and son of T.R. & M.J. Noe.

Noe, Della Turman, born 4/6/1867, died 3/26/1938, wife of Den Noe.

Noe, J. Clayton, born 12/23/1871, died 3/13/1942, husband of Fannie Noe and son of T.R. & M. J. Noe.

Noe, Fannie, born 9/1/1877, died 3/10/1960, wife of J. Clayton Noe.

Noe, Velma, born 9/12/1903, died 2/17/1929, daughter of J.C. & Fannie M. Noe.

Noe, Infant, born 12/22/1904, died 1/29/1905, daughter of J.C. & F.M. Noe.

Turman, Lee Roy, born 6/7/1897, died 4/17/1979, husband of Lillian Crump Turman and son of G.J. & M. A. Turman.

Turman, Lillian Crump, born 6/29/1900, died 7/26/1989, wife of Lee Roy Turman.

Turman, Ruby Gray, born 11/12/1922, died 9/29/1924, daughter of L.R. & L.C. Turman.

Turman, Infant, born and died 4/20/1934, son of L.R. & L.C. Turman.

Turman, Carl J., born 12/15/1927, husband of Frances G. Turman and son of L.R. & L. C. Turman.

Turman, Frances, born 1/7/1931, wife of Carl J. Turman.

Turman, Roy Lybrand, born 12/29/1936, died 8/2/1994, son of L.R. & L.C. Turman

Turman, Ralph Wayne, born 6/18/1942, husband of Frances Jean and son of L.R. & L. C. Turman.

Turman, Frances Jean, born 8/8/1946, died 7/23/1981, wife of Ralph Wayne Turman.

Scott, Pois O., born 6/10/1908, died 8/1/1990, Sgt US Army WWII, husband of Chloe Turman Scott.

Peters, Tommy ??

Spradling, Cuton E. (Jack), born 7/31/1920, died 5/6/1982, husband of Gladys A. Turman Spradling.

Spradling, Gladys A. Turman, born 10/20/1924, wife of Jack Spradling and daughter of L.R. & L.C. Turman.

Noe, William T., born 8/30/?, died 9/19/1882.

Noe, born 12/?/?.

Noe, born 4/?/1888.

Noe, Frances, born 12/14/1860, died 10/6/1899, wife of S.D. Noe.

Stanford, Dewitt, born 2/3/1879, died 10/3/1978, husband of Etta Stanford.

Stanford, Etta, born 8/10/1887, died 7/6/1965.

Noe, William T., born 1880, died 1965, husband of Ada E. Noe.

Noe, Ada E., born 1885, died 1957, wife of William T. Noe.

Noe, John W., son of C.R. & M.F. Noe.

White, John, born 1/16/1887, died 12/5/1912. son of Ples & N. G. White.

White, P., born 2/29/1840, died 3/3/1905.

White, Burgess, born 12/25/1808, died 12/27/1869.

White, ?, born 5/16/1877, died 8/1/1878.

Johnson, Mack, born 8/12/1889, died 9/16/1918, husband of Lottie.

Johnson, Lottie, born 10/16/1892, died 4/12/1934, wife of Mack Johnson.

Lowry, Martha, born 1/3/1867, died ?/4/1882, daughter of A.J. & P. Lowry.

Sandlin, Sarrah, born 8/12/1830, died 7/6/1913, wife of Littleton Sandlin.

Loggins, Rev. Charley, born 1827, died 1862.

White, Cleveland, born 8/18/1893, died 9/3/1894, son of J.R. & C. White.

White, Jodie, born 3/20/ 1903, died 12/9/1905, son of J.R. & G.C. White.

White, Robert L., born 4/24/1895, died 12/10/1917, son of J.R. & G.C. White.

Gunnels, John Tom, born 1872 and died 1956,

Gunnels, Dazie Mae, born 1889, died 1917.

White, Elsie P., wife of Henry White

Benson, Nancy Elizabeth, born 1/20/1853, died 8/25/1871, wife of G.W. Benson and daughter of Littleton and Sarrah Sandlin.

Sandlin, R.J., born 1821, died 1822, daughter of Hardy & Caty.

Loyd, Lucinda A., wife of M.W. Loyd and daughter of ? Marchbanks.

Guthrie, David, born 9/5/1829, died 10/22/1903, husband of Charity E. Guthrie.

Guthrie, Charity E., born 9/28/1833, died 12/11/1895, wife of David Guthrie.

Sandlin, Infant of J. D. & S.V. Sandlin.

Sandlin, Harmon H., born 7/19/1850, died 3/2/1928.

Sandlin, Dezina E., born 3/16/1854, died 2/19/1937.

Sandlin, Daniel Clement, born 1/26/1874, died 2/14/1965.

White, John S., died 10/6/1883, age 60 years.

Parker, Mary Lois, born 1923. died 1955, father could be Eddie Parker.

Parker, Evelyn, born 1920, died 1925, father could be Eddie Parker.

Sandlin, George Lloyd ?.

Loyd, James W., born 10/20/1859, died 5/28/1862, son of I.J. & R. C. Loyd.

Loyd, Elizabeth, daughter of J. W. & R. C. Loyd.

Loyd, Charity H., born 4/13/1805, died 4/26/1856.


Guthrie, Charity L.

Stone ?.

Stone, daughter of W. M. & M. E. Stone.

Stone, Earl, born 6/18/1892, died 6/20/1892, son of W.M. & M.E. Stone.

Paul, W. J. , born 8/29/1869, died 7/31/1902, husband of Nancy Stone Paul.

Paul, Nancy T Stone, born 8/11/1872, died 1/20/1898, daughter of W.M. & E.M. Stone and wife of W. J. Paul.

Evans, ?.

Noe, Thomas R., born 11/13/1806, died 12/1/1867, husband of Mary.

Noe, Mary, born 1804, died 12/1/1867.

Noe, Peter G., died 9/10/1880, son of T.R. & M.J. Noe.

Loggans, Elizabeth, born 5/28/1826, died 8/20/1905.

Loggans, Samuel, born 1825, died 1902.

Pitchford, William, 1/21/1862, CO. B 1 Regt. Miss Inf. CSA.

Pitchford, W. J.. 1/20/1862, CO. B 1 Regt, Miss Inf. CSA.

Pitchford, D. L. CO. B 1 Regt. Miss Inf. CSA, 9/20/1863.

Crutchfield, James M., born 6/10/1868, died 12/12/1951, husband of Josie B. Crutchfield.

Crutchfield, Josie B., born 8/1/1869, died 11/1/1952, wife of James Monroe Crutchfield.

Crutchfield, Troy, born 1903, died 1945, son of James Monroe and Josie Fant Crutchfield and twin brother to Roy Crutchfield.

Crutchfield, Erby D., born 11/25/1890, died 11/11/1978, daughter of James Monroe and Josie Fant Crutchfield.

Crutchfield, Roy, born 8/19/1903, died 3/9/1993, husband of Hazel Crutchfield and son of James Monroe and Josie Fant Crutchfield.

Crutchfield, Hazel, born 5/18/1915, wife of Roy Crutchfield and daughter of John Henry and Fannie Stephens Sandlin.

Glasgow, C. N., born 2/18/1886, died 10/5/1958, husband of Lee Crutchfield.

Glasgow, Lee, born 8/10/1900, died 3/13/1994, daughter of James Monroe and Josie Fant Crutchfield and wife of Claude N. Glasgow.

Glasgow, James, born 8/31/1926, died 7/16/1927.


01-19-04  Notes added by Alcie Whittington:

Dear Barbara,
Thought I would make some additions and comments to the Pine Springs Listing.
  • White, ?, born 5/16/1877 , died 8/1/1878 .  I transcribed the name as Virgin White – Ann Cantrell notes that this child’s name was Virgie.
  • White, R. B.  b. 7/15/1871 d. 3/17/1873, Inf son of J. B. & C. C. White.  I believe that this is John B. & Charlotta White’s son.
  • White, Burgess, born 12/25/1808 , died 12/27/1869 . It is assumed that his wife Nancy Calvert White is buried there.  She was born 10/15/1809. She was living in Twp 12 Range 14 in 1880.
  • White, Cleveland, born 8/18/1893 , died 9/3/1894 .  Cleveland Clarence White, son of Joseph Robert & Gennettie Coleman White.
  • White, Elsie P., wife of Henry White, daughter in law of Joseph Robert & Gennettie Coleman White.  Her maiden name was Plunkett.
  • White, Jodie, born 3/20/ 1903, died 12/9/1905 . son of Joseph Robert & Gennettie Coleman White.
  • White, John S., died 10/6/1883 , age 60 years. John Spears White b. 8/4/1827 in Greenville SC .
  • White, John, born 1/16/1887 , died 12/5/1912 . son of Pleasant & Nancy Catherine White.
  • White, P., born 2/29/1840 , died 3/3/1905 .  Pleasant (Pleas, Plezzie)White.
  • White, Nancy Catherine b. 11/1841 d. 7/17/1920 (no headstone, there was one originally but was told that it was lost when they graded the terraces.
  • Anthony, Emmaline J. b. 1860 d. 1/21/1928, daughter of Pleasant & Nancy Catherine White and wife of John C. Anthony (there was a headstone once.  Same scenario as Nancy Catherine).
  • White, Robert L., born 4/24/1895 , died 12/10/1917 .  son of Joseph Robert & Gennettie Coleman White.


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