Holly Hill

Holly Hill Cemetery

Lamar County, Alabama

Located in South Western Lamar County, Alabama. 80-SW T16S, R16W, Sec 7. This is off Patterson Rd on a log road. Will need a vehicle high off the ground to access. Most likely will need a guide to find.

The following is a list of marked graves. There are some marked by rocks.

H. Denman- Aug 11, 1865 – March ____1908

S. N. Cook- Born March 3, 1879- Died July 25, 1895

L. C. E. Kelly-March 20, 1866- Nov 2, 1894

M. E. Cook- Born Aug 12, 1881-Died Oct 15, 1888

Catherine Daug. of Charity Stone- Dec 26, 1868-Sept 16, 1876

I. H. Hester-Born March 24, 1860- Died Aug 17, 1904

Dock W. Esterwood- Oct 16, 1861-May 15, 1904

Pink Thomas- Oct 15, 1885- July 21, 1901

Fabandena F. Esterwood- July 25, 1876- April 11, 1896

Recorded by : Donald Delk and Kawatha “Kay” Chandler Koonce

June 24, 2002

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