Holliday/Holladay Cemeteries’ Notes by Ray Taylor

Holliday Cemeteries

Lamar County, Alabama

Ed Guyton indexed these cemeteries and asked if anyone had information.  Ray Taylor has responded.  Thanks, Ray!

Notes from Ray Taylor are in blue.

According to my information the cemetery was called by some researchers as Hollis/Holliday Cemetery, Moscow, Alabama ?????


Courtesy of Ed Guyton
Go South from Sulligent on Hwy 17, turn left on Moscow Rd. Drive 1.1 mile turn right on Pitts Rd, drive .6 mile, Cemetery on right side of road.

Holliday: Sim Bob Jan. 01, 1881 to Jan. 19, 1958 (Simeon Robert Holladay who is a son of Darling Hollis and Sarah Loretta Thomas Holladay.)

Holliday: Darling H. Feb. 04, 1858 to June 15, 1939 (Darling Hollis Holladay)

Holliday: Loretta wife of Darling Aug. 02, 1858 to Sept. 14, 1930 (Sarah Loretta Thomas Holladay wife of Darling Hollis Holladay)

Holliday: Dupree R. son of Darling& Sarah L July 20, 1883 to Jan. 28, 1915 (Dupree Richard Holladay son of Darling and Sarah)

Grave with Rock marker no name

Holliday: Harold F. son of W.F.& W.E. Holliday 1912 to 1936 (Harold Ford Holladay son of William Floyd and Wille Evaline Ford Holladay.)

Holliday: Inf Dau of W.F.& W.E. Holliday  (Infant Daughter died December 18, 1910 and daughter of William Floyd and Wille Evaline Ford Holladay

Copelin: Seerena Apr. 04, 1843 to Mar. 14, 1893 (Not sure)

Holliday: Inf Dau of Tol& Rosa Jan. 07, 1928 to Jan. 13, 1928 (Not sure

Copeland: Wesley M. Co K 16th Al. INF CSA (This is possibly Wesley M. Copelin who was married to Cintha Covenar Lavender Hollis born 4 Apr 1843, but I am not really sure. Will take some more research. The file I have says they were married in Lamar County, Alabama)

Coplin: W.M. Apr. 22, 1831 to Aug. 19, 1908 (Same as above???)

Pennington: William G. May 09, 1863 to Feb. 27, 1907 (William Giles Pennington)

Pennington: W. G. May 06, 1863 to Feb. 27, 1907 ( William Giles Pennington…I have his birth date as May 9, 1863)

Jackson: Beatrice July 18, 1875 to Sept. 09, 1928 (Carrie Mae Beatrice Jackson wife of William Giles Pennington. She was the daughter of Robert Stanley Jackson and Margaret Elizabeth Lavender Hollis Jackson.)

Next grave no marker, no name, stone border around it

Jackson: Margaret E. wife of R. S. Jan. 1845 to Nov. 17, 1884 (Margaret Elizabeth Lavender Hollis Jackson. I have 10 January 1845 to November 17, 1884)

Jackson: R. S. Nov. 17, 1845 to Nov. 19, 1892 (Robert Stanley Jackson)

Jackson: Robert S. Co I 43rd Miss. INF CSA (I believe this is Robert Stanley Jackson listed above.)

Thompson: Elizabeth Jackson Dec. 12, 1879 to Mar. 26, 1955 (Margaret Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of Robert Stanley Jackson and Margaret Elizabeth Lavender Hollis Jackson.)

Thompson: Charlie B. June 12, 1881 to Mar. 20, 1957 (Charles Barton Thompson husband of Margaret Elizabeth Jackson Thompson I have his dates June 12, 1881 to March 30, 1956 Not sure my error or your reading error????)

Hollis: Darling born Fairfield Dist S.C. July 02, 1804 to Feb. 20, 1883 (Darling Jones Hollis husband of Nancy Jemima Lavinder and father of Margaret Elizabeth Lavender Hollis.)

Grave with stone marker no name

Frye: Inf Dau of Jessie & Flara Frye 1933

Frye: Inf son of J.D. & Donnie Frye Mar. 20, 1902 to Aug. 25, 1906 (John David Frye and Donnie Holladay Frye and I have the date March 20, 1902 for Infant Son.)

Frye: Willie G. son of J.D. & Donnie Aug. 12, 1901 to Jan. 10, 1919 (Willie Gupple Frye son of John David and Donnie Holladay Frye and I have date August 12, 1901 to January 10, 1919 same as yours.

Is Wesley M Copeland and W.M. Coplin the same person

Is William G. Pennington and W.G. the same person?(Yes William Giles Pennington)

Is R.S. Jackson and Robert S. the same person (Yes Robert Stanley Jackson. Robert Stanley Jackson was married as I said above to Margaret Elizabeth Lavender Hollis and then he was married to Rhoda Jemima Holladay and one of their children was Rosa Bell Jackson born 15 March 1888 and buried according to my file Hollis/Holliday Cemetery, Moscow, Alabama. Also for your information Robert Stanley Jackson and Margaret Elizabeth Lavender Hollis were the father and mother of my Grandmother Nancy Jemima Jackson Taylor who married Stephen Taylor as his second wife and his first wife was Kesiah Holladay. What a crazy mixed up world!)

Holliday: Inf Dau of Tol& Rosa Jan. 07, 1928 to Jan. 13, 1928 (This might be the Rosa (Rosa Bell Jackson) listed above. Again just a guess but would stand to reason since they are in the same cemetery???? I do not know who Tol Holladay is. Could that be Tom Holladay?)

I am Ray Taylor…this is a continuation ….I am not sure I have too much information on these graves.


Courtesy of Ed Guyton

Thanks Ed!!!

Drive South on Hwy 17 from Sulligent turn right on Military Grove Rd. drive .3 mile turn left side road.

Hood: Geneva July 21, 1900 to Sept. 06, 1978

Hood: Bennie J. Nov. 01, 1893 to Oct. 28, 1965

Omary: grave marked with stone

Guyton: J.F. Dec. 31, 1856 to Apr. 03, 1929

Next grave no marker, no name

Omary: William Moody Dec. 26, 1886 to Jan. 15, 1958

Omary: Annie Bell Sept. 01, 1893 to Aug. 10, 1962

Omary: grave marked with block

Omary: grave marked with block

Omary: grave marked with block

Grave with block

Hood: grave marked with block

Grave with block

Grave with block

Hood: grave marked with block

Grave with block

Grave marked with old F.H. marker no name

Garrett: Loyd Buck WWII June 14, 1926 to Jan. 24, 1950

Garrett: Charlie 1898 to 1977

Grave marked with a flower

Grave marked with a stone

Roltison: Sarah A. died Dec. 1892 ???

Grave marked with rock

Grave with blank marker and rock, no name

Holliday: Fannie 1855 to 1946 (I am sure Fannie is a nickname…so not sure who this is

Holliday: John G. Mar. 03, 1818 to Nov. 21, 1897 (John Gupple (Brindle John) Holladay. His wife was Sarah A. Estill)

Grave with two blank markers

Stewart: Clarence Jan. 05, 1898 to Feb. 22, 1900 (My theory on this is that Rebecca A. Holladay (daughter of John Gupple (Brindle John) Holladay) married a John Henry Stewart. Now they had several children but none named Clarence. They had children starting in 1867 and I have dates to November 27, 1875 and had three children after that of which I have no dates. Rebecca was born in 1849 so she would have been 49 years old in 1898…possibly she did have a Clarence but I have none listed for her. Now they had a son John Henry Stewart, Jr., that married a Mary Springfield and I have two children listed for them but no infants that died in child birth. So I am sure there is a connections but so far cannot do so.)

May: Mary Holliday born 1870 died Aug. 09, 1945 (Not sure about this one.)

Holliday: Dave son of D.D. & M.A. Feb. 09, 1887 to Dec. 10, 1888 (Dave Holladay son of Daniel David and Mary A. Lollar Holladay.)

Need information on the Roltison marker info not clear,

Name may be wrong. (so far unable to decifer this name…

Also need info on the Stewart marker (See my comments above.)

Names not clear. If you have info contact me at


Hi, My name is Ray taylor and I do have some information about your posting. I believe the correct spelling for these Holl(i)days is Holladay. There were some Hollidays in Mississippi but I believe that the families were not kin. Of course through the ages it has been spelled many different ways.

As to Holliday Cemetery #3…I have it listed as the John Jack Holladay Field. I believe that the cemetery was on John Jack’s land and was considered a family cemetery. Of course you can call it what you like but some researchers have it as Jack Holladay’s Cemetery, Sulligent, Lamar County, Alabama.

Now for the other bits of information to better explain the people buried there I will highlight my information in blue.


By: Ed Guyton

Thanks Ed!!!!

Drive West on Hwy 278 from Sulligent turn left on Buck Jackson Rd. drive 4.2 miles turn right on Sid Moore Rd. drive .9 miles Cemetery on left off Rd.

There is a lot of damage to the markers at the Cemetery

Some info not complete

Lollar: Samuel July 20, 27, 1905 (Samuel Allen Lollar)

I am not sure what the dates mean. I do have information that leads me to believe that July 20 ???? is birth date but the 27, 1905 could not be a death date. He and his wife Alice had children through June 17, 1920. So he had to die after that date or shortly before that date.

Lollar: Inf son of Samuel & Alice July 20, to July 24, 1902 (This is the infant son of Samuel Allen Lollar and Alice Olivia Holladay. I have a birth/death date of July 30, 1902. So not sure who is right. FYI Alice Olivia Holladay was the daughter of John Jack and Martha Agnes (Wren) Holladay. Another interesting fact is that they had at least three sons that died early in infantcy. One in 1902, one in 1904, and one in 1920. So the graves listed below as grave with stone marker are probably their children. They had a total of 9 children. I do not have any information on the children except for names (when given) and dates of birth.)

Next grave wth stone marker

Next grave wth stone marker

Next grave wth stone marker

Next grave wth stone marker

Next grave wth stone marker

Moore: July 11, 1901 to Nov. 27, 1904 (Not sure who is buried here; however, one of John Jack’s daughters, Idella Holladay born December 27, 1875 and died 1968, married Thomas F. Moore. So I suppose it is one of their children.)

Next grave wth stone marker

Next grave wth stone marker

Next grave wth stone marker

McLemore: Lillian A. dau of C.C. & J.K. June 15, 1903 to June 08. 1904 (I have tried all my options on this one. I will keep trying. 

Next grave wth stone marker

Next grave wth stone marker

Holliday: Violet wife of John Holliday July 29, 1877 to Feb. 03, 1903 (Sarah Violette (Barton) Holladay born July 29, 1833 and died February 3, 1903. John Holladay was born in 1832. He was the son of Daniel William Holladay b 1784 and Sally Rhoda Britt (hopefully) (He had a lot of wives and a lot of children). As a point of interest Daniel William Holladay was the father of my Grandfather Stephen Taylor’s first wife, Kisah Holladay.

Next grave wth stone marker

Holliday: Joseph July 08, 1816 to Apr. 21, 1885 (Joseph A. Holladay, dates are the same as I have.

Holliday: Elizabeth wife of Joseph Nov. 05, 1813 to Sept. 17, 1898 (Elizabeth “Betty” Harrison Smithson Holladay, Wive of Joseph A. Dates are the same as I have.)

McLemore Maud W. dau of J.W. & M.S. May 04, 1875 to Sept. 10, 1897 (Maud W. McLemore daughter of John Wilson McLemore and Martha Susanna Holladay born 22 March 1845 and died January 21, 1917

Holliday: Margaret A. Jan. 22, 1849 to Dec. 03, 1908 (Margaret Ann Holladay birth and death dates same as I have. Margaret Ann was daughter of Joseph A and Elizabeth “Betty” Harrison Smithson Holladay as listed above.

There are 20 graves marked, unmarked ?

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