Gilmore Pearson

Gilmore-Pearson Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama
Number 67 on the 2002 cemetery map of Lamar County.

Driving directions from Vernon: Take County Road 29 north from Hwy. 17 to a left on Matthews Road. There is a cemetery sign on the east side of the road after about ¼ mile at the lane leading to the cemetery, which is about 1/8 mile off the road at the bottom of the hill.

Surveyed December 31, 2004 by Bo Morris and Paul Hays.

Pearson, Evie A.: 1896 – 1948 (double marker with John)
Pearson, John: 1898 – 1971 (double marker with Evie A.)
Pearson, Frances Edney: June 6, 1929 – Sep. 2, 1945
Pearson, ———E., son of Jack (stone is broken and dates are below ground)
Pearson, J. A., son of A. A. and L. E.: Apr. 4, 1896 – Jan. 25, 1897 (double marker with infant son, listed next)
Pearson, Inf. son of A. A. and L. E.: Aug. 9, 1907 – May 3, 1908 (double marker with J. A.)
Pearson, Robertus, son of A. A. and Lucinda: Dec. 25, 1898 – Nov. 19, 1930
Pearson, Lucinda: Oct. 21, 1867 – Oct. 13, 1949 (double marker with Artie A.; Lucinda E. Gilmore, dau. of Mary Ann Oakes & John B. Gilmore III; wife of Artie A. Pearson)
Pearson, Artie A.: Mar. 15, 1870 – Dec. 21, 1938 (double marker with Lucinda; son of Lettie E. ______ & Alexander Pearson; husb. of Lucinda E. Gilmore)
Gilmore, Mary A.: Mar. 3, 1834 – July 24, 1887 (double marker with John B.; Mary Ann Oakes, daughter of Elizabeth Broyles & Isaac Oakes; wife of John B. Gilmore III)
Gilmore, John B.: Feb. 12, 1830 – Dec. 21, 1904 (double marker with Mary A.; John B. Gilmore III, son of Mary _____ & John B. Gilmore, Jr.; husb. of Mary Ann Oakes)
Thompson, Sallie: Sep. 6, 1820 – Dec. 13, 1892 (Sarah “Sallie” Gilmore, daughter of Mary _____ & John B. Gilmore, Jr.; wife of Marvel Thompson [buried at Emmaus Cemetery])
Bickerstaff, S. P.: Apr. 18, 1834 – June 17, 1886
Broken stone, illegible
Hulsey, Guy [no marker]

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