Flynn Cemetery

The Flynn cemetery is located in Lamar County Alabama east of Sulligent and north of Mulberry Road. According to our records, Thomas Calhoun Flynn owned the property in 1889 where the cemetery is located. The oldest Flynn that we have any record of that is buried there is Gertrude Ingram, daughter of Mollie Flynn Ingram, who was born 5/15/1898 and died 8/9/1899. Other Flynns that we know of that are buried in the Flynn Cemetery are:

Clay Flynn, son of J.W. and N.A. Flynn, died 2/24/1908

Addie Flynn, 2/17/1855- 1/5/1908

J.W. Flynn, 2/7/1861- 9/29/1943

Murry Flynn, 11/21/1881- 11/16/1946

Willie M. Flynn, 2/28/1887- 5/27/1978

Rama Flynn, 11/8/1879- 7/19/1965

George David Flynn, 1/12/1862- 2/19/1913 (the writers grandfather)

James Thomas Flynn, 1837-1902 and wife, Elizabeth Nolan Flynn, 1839-1904

Son of Stonewall Jackson and H.E. Flynn, 11/26/1899- 12/17/1902

Andrew Jackson Flynn, 1902 (served Co. H. 5th Ala. Calvary CSA)

Art Flynn, 1876-1904

W.J. Flynn, 1830-1911, and wife Mary Kate Flynn, 1838-1915

There are several other graves in the cemetery that are not Flynns but were relatives. Some graves are unmarked and unknown.

In the 1970’s, Terry W. Gosa sowed the cemetery in grass, leveled the graves and put cement markers with numbers where graves had no tombs. Money is taken up at the Flynn Reunion each year to cover the expense of mowing and maintaining the cemetery.

Courtesy of Terry W. Gosa 2454 Mtn. Gap Rd., Guin, AL. 35563

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