Corinth East of Blooming Grove

CORINTH CEMETERY (East of Blooming Grove)

Sara Hester Died 1948

Molly Hester Died 1945

Ollie Abigille Hester, wife of D.O.W. Hester Born November 6 (illegibile) Died January 24, 1912

Dave Hester Died February 1928

Mary H. Brown McClung Born Feb. 14, 1874 Died January 16, 1962

Jonas N. McClung Born Jan. 4, 1865 Died March 31, 1933

Alton V., Son of Jonas and Mary Born 8/4/1909 Died 6/10/1917

Earlie McClung, Son of Jonas and Mary Born 8/3/1901 Died 12/28/1901

Infant Son of Mary and Jonas McClung Born/died 1900

Bertie McClung, son of Jonas and Mary McClung Born 7/27/1898 Died 7/1/1900

Mandy, wife of Cleave Hester 1890-1919

Mary Elizabeth, Daughter of Mahalia Tate Born and died 1878

Jane Robertson

Catherine Brown Barnes 1835-1899

James Barnes 1835-1916

Lular(Louella Seth)Barron, wife of D.R. Barnes 1/13/1870-11/24/1932

Daniel Rias Barnes 8/27/1860-5/19/1944

Laborn Fowler 1/11/1892-1/16/1908

James O. Fowler 4/8/1881-8/20/1887

Eady Barnes 5/9/1812-9/2/1887

Mary Ann Barnes Price 1/14/1839-6/17/1929

Infant of J. A. and L.C. Brown

Lytha Ann Brown 3/10/1863-1/12/1878

Lydia C. Barnes Brown 9/7/1841-7/21/1905

Francis, Wife of J.A. Brown 8/15/1882-4/10/1906

Rev. J.A. Brown 9/23/1841-7/28/1916

W.J.(Willie)Brown 12/25/1869-6/24/1918

Mary F. McClung Brown 6/15/1874-4/21/1962

Lisse, wife of Dan Fowler

Mary Ann, wife of Benjamin Price 1838-5/17/1878

Children of C.M. and L.C. Reese Rhoda J. and William P. 9/29/1880-5/4/1881, 9/2/1882-5/161887

Child of C.M. Reese

Catherine, wife of C.M. Reese 8/1/1854-7/26/1896

Infant son of J.B. and A.E. Reese 1908

William John Otts 1807-1879
First of the Otts Family from North Carolina to settle in Lamar County Alabama
Otts family found the grave of their ancestor and recently placed a marker.

Submitted by Addie Bentley.

Click here for Corinth Cemetery History

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