Bolin -Hollis

Bolin – Hollis Cemetery

Courtesy of Kawatha Chandler Koonce and James W. Dierking.

Direction to this Cemetery from Sulligent, Al take highway 278 east through Crews and just past the 11 mile marker turn right on Stanford road and go 4/10 mile and the Cemetery is about 50′ in the woods on the left side of the road. There are two marked graves with tombstones and to the left of these there are six graves marked with rocks and about 10′ to the northeast are two more graves marked with rocks. There may be others.

The Tombstones are as follows:

Derrell Hollis-Born March 28 1861-Died Jun 8 1889

Age 28 Years 3 Mos 20 Days

Effie H (M)- Daughter of D & L T Hollis

4-9-1885- 4-21-1886 Age 1 year 12 Days

Derrell Hollis buried here is the son of Hubert and Sallie Guyton Hollis and the husband of Fannie Hill.

Effie is the niece of this Derrell and the daughter of David and Laura Theodosia Hughey Hollis . David and Laura are buried at Mt. Vernon Cemetery in Fayette County, Al, where they were residing at the time of their death. In addition to Hubert and Sallie Guyton the maternal grandparents of Effie were William Perry Hughey and Nancy Drusilla Brown Hughey.

In a visit and trip to differnt Cemeteries in Lamar County with Mr. Frank Gilmer, when he was 80 years old and still very alert, he stated” There are six or seven of your Uncle Ples and Aunt Tilda’s kids buried there and Ain’t Nary one of them got a Tombstone”. I have a copy of this transcript furnished by another Hollis family member.

This could account for the six graves to the left of the Tombstones.

This was transcribed in May of 2000 by: Kawatha Chandler Koonce, James W. Dierking , Allen Hollis Chandler and Hilda Hollis Hadaway, with the help of Jonathan Stanford in locating the Cemetery.

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