Blooming Grove Old

Old Blooming Grove Cemetery
Lamar County, Alabama

Number 77 on the 2002 Cemetery Map of Lamar County
Surveyed in 2005 by Rachel Virginia McReynolds and Kawatha “Kay” Chandler Koonce

Cemetery Marker Donated by Descendants of Noah & Malinda Stone Morrison.

Grave with Cement Top (No Additional information)

Three Cement Block Markers (No additional Information)

Infant Daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Noah Morrison (Appears to be two)

Grave Marked by Fieldstone (No Additional Information)

Cornelius Holliman, Sr. – Born Sept. 25, 1792 – Died Oct. 26, 1862, PVT S. C. Militia War of 1812 ( This is a recent marker place there by Decemdants )

John Robertson – July 30, 1865 – Sept. 15, 1873

There are 7 Fieldstones that appear to be graves.

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