Antioch Old

Old Antioch Cemetery
Lamar County Alabama
Number 74 on the 2002 Cemetery Map of Lamar County
Driving directions; From Vernon take highway 18 E. to Crossville and take highway 49 N. to county Rd. 36 to the right to Mt. Gap Rd., turn left on Mt. Gap Rd. to Old Antioch Rd, turn right on Antioch Rd. Cemetery is marked with a maker donated by the descendants of James Marcus Trim.
This cemetery was surveyed in Feb. 2005 by James W. Dierking and Kawatha “Kay” Koonce

From East to West

Row One
Christopher Blake Marcum – Oct. 19, 2002 to Nov. 15, 2002
Row Two North to South
Seven Concrete Post Markers -( No additional information)
Row Three South to North
Nine Concrete Post Markers (No additional information
Row Four North to South
15 Concrete Post Markers (No additional information)
Row Five South to North
14 Concrete Post Markers (No Additional Information)
Row 6 North to South
One Fieldstone Marker (No additional information)
One Marble Post (No additional information)
Mary Rainwater – Feb. 12, 1819 – June 18, 1910
E. L. Rainwater – May 29, 1830 – June 11, 1875
Ten Marble and Concrete Post ( No Additional information)
Row Seven South to North
Five Concrete Post Markers (No additional information)
Elias Chaffin – 1807 – July 9, 1891
Seven Concrete Markers (No additional information)
C. D. Rainwater – Jan 28, 1862 – Jan 26, 1897
Row Eight North to South
Thirteen Markers (No additional Information)
Row Nine South to North
Eight Markers (No additional Information)
J. M. Trim – May 27, 2832 – Jan. 8, 1880
One Marker – (No additional information)
Row Ten North to South
Nine Markers ( No additional information)
Row Eleven South to North
Four Markers – May Be More – (Fieldstone – No additional information)
Row Twelve North to South
Several Fieldstones (No additional information)
Row Thirteen South to North
Eight Fieldstones (No additional information)

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