BEAVERTON – The Way It Was


We have learned that Beaverton is to have a “switch” and probably a depot – three cheers for Beaverton. We hope those good people will get a depot. we can say of those people not withstanding their opportunities (like ours) have been somewhat limited, but they have always striven to get as near as possible the place where the “goose hangs highest” and should they be so fortunate as to get a depot, we will find them plucking the down from that good too. Yes, thrice welcome to Beaverton. We will be please to recognize you as our sister.  Taken from The Vernon Courier, Friday, March 2, 1888.


beaverton hotel

Milligan Weeks Hotel 

The Eagle-Eye, Sulligent, Alabama, June 12, 1895


If you want to go to a summer resort, the Weeks Hotel at Beaverton, where you will find excellent mineral waters and good accommodations, is the place. $1 a day; $20 a month. J. M. Weeks, Beaverton, Ala.

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