Explosion at Rideout Falls Marion County Alabama

Rideout Falls Marion AL

Rideout Falls on Williams Creek, where men and boys have been going bathing ever since the civil war and before, is thought to be getting dangerous.
On Thursday, June 29, Mrs. Elizabeth Glenn (wife of Rev. Hasten Glenn) was spending the day with her daughter(Mary Ann Ballard)who lives a mile north of Rideout Falls. About 11:00 am they heard an awful unearthly noise south of her house. The dogs heard the noise and ran across the road barking as if they saw something. The noise ceased with a hollow ringing sound.
The next day, Sid and Ed Stidham, Ben Harris, Floy Glenn, and some little boys went to the falls and the water was boiling up in the pond. Then the leaves and mud began rising up from the middle and rolling to the banks. The boys all say a two-horse wagon load rose at a time.
Mrs. Glenn is 71 years old and said she had never heard such a noise in her life before and her daughter believes the sound they heard was from an explosion at the Rideout Falls. Source: Marion County News dated July 26,1916

2 thoughts on “Explosion at Rideout Falls Marion County Alabama

  1. Laverne Belcher.

    wow! I remember my parents speak of Rideout Falls in Marion County. they said they went there when they were young. But I never went there.



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