Irvin’s Ford July 4th 1865

Andrew J. Lowry, was one of the first young men to take up Arms- when the Civil War broke out. He was a member of Co. I, 14th Miss. Reg. Under Capt. J. Sholson.

The following was written by Preston Cox in the 1920’s or 1930’s.  “When the Civil War broke out, Andrew J. Lowry was among the first of the young men of his native state of Mississippi to take up his Arms. He was born on the State Line of Mississippi and Alabama, near Gattman, Mississippi.  He was in the battle of Fort Donelson. After participating in the battle of Iuka, went to Vicksburg, and went through that trying siege, which let him out of the War for good. He caused to be raised, the first Union Flag that was raised, in that part of the country after the Civil War.

It was on the following occasion, that it came about: on the 4th of July 1865, there was to be a brand or barn dance at Irvin’s Ford, on the Buttehatchie River, he caused his oldest sister to make a small Union flag to raise there that day. There that day he gave this flag to his first cousin to raise. There were threats made against the perpetraters of that affair, but it amounted to nothing more than the withdrawal of the Confederate sympathizers to another grounds, and there under the stately groves of trees at Irvin’s Ford, the dance went on ’till night fall’, when the crowd dispersed to their homes.

The Irvin Ford takes its name from distance relatives of the writer, who lived on either side of the Buttehatchie River, near where Gattman, Mississippi now stands and many of the Lowry and Irvin relatives now live at or near Gattman.